Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Smooth Operator
Man In The Mirror
37 Willoughby Place
Mujeres Sud Americanas
In It



Adam Niewood (Reeds)
Joe Magnarelli (Brass)

Bill Washer (Strings)
Jon Ballantyne (Keys)
Gene Perla (Bottom)
Vern Mobley (Rhythm)

Funk Xpress was conceived by Gene Perla following the first time he met and played with Vern Mobley (drums) at the Hotel Bethlehem. They smacked the beat so hard that night that Gene swore he'd get something together with Vern, and low and behold they smacked together Funk Xpress.

Complete with Jon Ballantyne on Keys and Bill Washer on guitar, the group gained a thicker rhythm section to bounce with, and with Adam Niewood and Joe Magnarelli on the horns the organization gained perfect melodies and fiery improvisations. The result is a smoking six piece that will have a full house grooving until the floor caves in.

Funk Xpress -- call us if you want to dance.

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OOOOOWEE!! Funk up and funk down!!
"Sweetie-Pie" is a BAAAAAAD muthafuckah. I'd like to have the next dance with Ms. Pie.
And "In It" gets deep in it. Hip bass line and sweet modulation.
You've got somethin' special here Gates.
Like I said, OOOOOWEE!!
Marty Sheller

I was listening to the live tracks...
I love where you're going with this, and I can't agree more that you have the right lineup overall,
but in particular the perfect drummer for this project.
I've had the pleasure of working closely with Vern for almost 10 years,
and if I may say so,
I think you have encapsulated his vision and built a band that he had in his head to begin with.
The band sounds great; I'm not surprised at all by the very positive reaction -
even among the "old jazz heads" at COTA, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to you guys.
God Bless and I wish much success to Funk Xpress!!!

Brian Bortz

What an enjoyable evening, with amazing music. I loved it so much!
Emma Zoe Fania Payne

Caught Gene Perla's Funk Express last night at the Lafayette Bar, and it was KILLER!
Why is it that bass players in their '70's sound hipper and more modern than much younger players?
Richard Messbauer

What an outstanding group!
Marty Eigen

Great show! Loved it!
Steve Dilauro

Just saw Adam play Saturday night with Funk Xpress. Killer player!
Jim Gilheany

Killer group for sure.
Larry Hollowell

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